SSS According to Students

"SSSP is one of those resources that I believe students need. (The) people there are always warm, friendly, and willing to help whenever you need it. I was able to do my work efficiently and turn it in on time because of the resources offered by SSSP."

- Adam Adams

“SSSP provides me with a safe and comfortable environment where I can go to study in between classes and work. When I have an exam or I just want to do homework in a quiet area I know that I can go to one of the study rooms in SSSP. Whenever I am having a problem I know that the staff in SSSP is there to support me in my time of need. …  SSSP has affected my life positively and I will never forget what SSSP has done for me.”

- Natasha Oakley

“SSSP has brought new friends into my life, many of whom share similar experiences with me. They have helped me stay involved in ISU events and have inspired me to join other organizations.  I have so much to thank SSSP for, but the one thing I am most thankful for is for believing in me.  They have taught me how to become a great leader and what it takes to take it to the next step.”

– Ivan Esquivel

“Throughout my life I have made a lot of decisions that were not smart, but becoming a part of SSSP at ISU has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made. This program has given me academic tools such as books to use, free printing, and just a great team of professionals to help me through the Iowa State adventure.”

- Josh Allen

“SSSP has helped me through a lot of challenges, but they have also helped me with many other aspects of my life.  I know I can easily go to any of the staff members and talk about anything … This place is like my second apartment because I always keep things in the lockers, always bringing my lunch and eating it there.” 

– Jackie Albarenga